Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shady Lady

We can hide behind them on our off days, or put them on to complete an outfit, they can make us feel invisible and at the same time make us feel as though we are strolling down Hollywood Blvd. If you haven't guessed I am talking about big sunnies, the bigger the better. 
No, they’re not everybody’s cup of tea and I am often being taunted by my elders (god bless them) for being reminiscent of Louis the fly (even though they have all been snapped wearing them in the 60's and 70's!!!!).
But no matter how much taunting is involved I could never give them up,once you’re hooked there's no going back.
I feel naked when I put on a regular size, rectangular pair of glasses, they don't give half as much coverage & they don’t look as effortlessly chic (in my opinion).

The great thing about sunglasses as a fashion accessory is they do, believe it or not, serve a purpose (who would’ve thought!). 
Just like jewellery’s purpose is to uplift an outfit or finish off an outfit, sunglasses serve to protect our precious eyes from the sun (hence the name), they stop us from squinting, which we all know is not an attractive look.

I lost my big glasses virginity in...Where else??.... Los Angeles.  
Strolling around Anaheim after a day of excitement at Disneyland was all proving to be too much, my boy and I had major headaches, which we put down to squinting, it was then we decided it was time to dip into our rapidly depleting funds and invest in a pair of sunglasses. We popped into the nearest milk bar or "convenience store" and there they were, the perfect pair of red square shaped "bug" glasses, at a very convenient $7! 
My boy also got a pair of thick black prada-esqu shades for $8. It was money well spent and we felt like movie stars trekking across the states in our super cheap, super cute, purpose serving sunnies

That was a few years ago now and I haven’t looked back since, I have although added to my big rimmed collection but still religiously wear my trusty red $7 shades. Even if they do like they are going to fall apart any second!

Stars who love the big glasses include Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and the uber obsessed Nicole Ritchie, who is never seen without her oversized Marc Jacobs or vintage shades and has stated “I never leave the house without my sunnies" and why would she? She looks fab in what has now become a part of her signature look, add a few kilos and she'd be even hotter!

Great oversized sunnies aren’t too hard to come by, you can search vintage stores or markets for a pre-loved pair straight from the 70's (if I don’t get to them first), you will also notice most chain-stores have jumped on the big spec band-wagon, check out Sportsgirl or H&M for a funky pair at a great price. If you want something more exclusive & expensive check out the designer labels such as Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker and YSL there is sure to be a pair to suit you and seeing as it's 2006 how could I not mention the internet, try www.ebay.com and there is also a great website www.shadykids.com which happens to be the largest online resource for top notch vintage sunnies, they have designer shades, and great no-name vintage specs!!

How do you tell if they suit you, you may ask?  

If you have a:
Round Face- Choose squared or angled frames to play down the roundness of the face. Go for deep colors and avoid small frames!
Oval face- Horizontal Frames minimize the length of the face, rectangular with round edges such as the Jackie O style will help maintain a natural balance
Square face- Steer clear of glasses that match your face shape; go for pairs that are slightly curved to soften the face. Round and oval frames also tend to flatter a round face.
Heart face- Avoid extremely wide frames and bold colors, rimless styles are best suited to a heart shaped face.
So happy spending, and whether it’s on a pair of Jackie O's or just the regular shaped Calvin Klein’s remember ultimately they're serving a purpose in protecting our eyes from the sun. (Whilst making us look super flashy at the same time!)

T xx

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