Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Jimmy Chose Ugg's.....

Opening my e-mail yesterday I got a bit of a shock when I read the headline-'Ugg Australia and Jimmy Choo's capsule collection has arrived', I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I even thought one of my fashionable friends may have been playing tricks on me.

Then I went to Net-A-Porter.....it's all true!! 
Since when are ugg's back?? Or when were they ever really in?? 
I admit I owned a pair when I was 9, but even then I refused to leave the house in them.

Leopard print, fringing and stud detail cover these 'new' designer ugg's, although I'm sure K-Mart did something similar at a fraction of the cost, these Ugg's will set you back a  whopping $806 Aussie dollars!! 
They are suede but that's an awful leather for an ugg, suede is not great to look after at the best of times!

Note to all: Just because you spend $800 on a pair of designer ugg boots does not make you any less feral than the people who get them at K-Mart, and if you want to look like Pammy Anderson strutting around Malibu in your ugg's, then that's fine but don't expect to be making any best dressed lists soon

Leopard Ugg's, they don't fool me!

This pair has sold out! Or is it Jimmy Choo who has sold out?

I will leave you with one thought- Ugg stand's for ugly not even Jimmy Choo and a few studs can take that away from them!


Bad styling...

I love shopping online, knowing I can purchase anything from anywhere in the world when I want it is amazing, whether it fit's is another question but I still love it!

That was until I wandered onto www.shopbop.com and noticed this picture of the Alice & Olivia 'stacey bell pant' in olive $254:

What is wrong with this picture, or should I say what isn't wrong!! 

Look how long the pant's are!! 

They do not even fit the model, you need to flatter the model to sell the clothes, if I was Alice & Olivia I would be very unimpressed about how these pant's have been photographed.

Add a heel, a nice wedge to give it a 70's look or get a taller model!!

I still love shopbop but this is online styling gone wrong.....shame...


Monday, October 18, 2010

Look Of The Week: Blake Livley

I have a confession to make.... I never really got into Gossip Girl, but I do have a slight girl crush on Blake Livley, I think she has amazing style and apparently it's all her own, one of the few Hollywood celebs without a stylist!

Some of my fave Blake looks:

Loving this blue on her, keeping it one colour makes her appear slimmer than she already is!
Image: style.com
A recent outing in a new Lanvin collection dress, to die for!! Love the colour, love the style, love it!!

Here is the look on the runway, but I think Blake pulls it off much better!

Here is Blake in Chanel, keeping it cute and young!
Image: style.com

Apparently Karl Lagerfeld has mentioned his love for Blake too, and can you blame him, his next muse perhaps?!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Look Of The Week

I'm not usually a Lauren Conrad fan but I have to say I was very taken by her appearance at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood bash on Friday night.

Strutting her stuff in an olive shirt and high waisted shorts she reminds me of an old movie star, oozing that old school charm with her hair swept to the side, it's smart casual but with her hair and make-up she has really amped up the look!

I Love xx

Va Va Voom!