Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad styling...

I love shopping online, knowing I can purchase anything from anywhere in the world when I want it is amazing, whether it fit's is another question but I still love it!

That was until I wandered onto www.shopbop.com and noticed this picture of the Alice & Olivia 'stacey bell pant' in olive $254:

What is wrong with this picture, or should I say what isn't wrong!! 

Look how long the pant's are!! 

They do not even fit the model, you need to flatter the model to sell the clothes, if I was Alice & Olivia I would be very unimpressed about how these pant's have been photographed.

Add a heel, a nice wedge to give it a 70's look or get a taller model!!

I still love shopbop but this is online styling gone wrong.....shame...


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