Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Au Revoir Carine Roitfeld!

After almost 10 years at the helm of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld says 'au revoir' and will finish up at the end of January to pursue personal projects.

Like many fashion editors Carine dabbled in modelling as a young girl but claims she "was not a star", although after working at Elle as a writer and then as a stylist she really did begin to shine.

Carine left Elle to work on freelance styling and was soon working with the likes of Mario Testino, it was through working with Mr Testino that Tom Ford noticed her use of Gucci loafers in a campaign they shot together and snapped her up to become a stylist and later muse for  Gucci, her work at Gucci was iconic,some say it was her flair that bought the company back from the brink of bankruptcy, so it was no surprise when she was approached by Conde Nast International chairman Jonathan Newhouse to edit french vogue in 2001.

In the book 'Stylist', produced by style.com Carine declared, "I am not  a good professional of fashion. I am not an expert about how clothes are constructed or the history of fashion. I never start with fashion. I always think of the girl and her personality- because all that matters to me when you look at a page is, 'Do you want to be that girl?"

Her look is her own and she is never hard to spot front row with her sky high heels, tight knee lengths skirts and bangs hanging over her signature dark brows. she has a slightly parisian-cross rock chick look and although seen wearing a lot of black is un-predicable and often steps out in animal print and fur.

Of her leaving she says “It’s 10 years that I’m editor of the magazine,I think it’s time to do something different.”
And she is definitely leaving on a high note, can't wait to see what she does next!


All images from www.style.com

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Jimmy Chose Ugg's.....

Opening my e-mail yesterday I got a bit of a shock when I read the headline-'Ugg Australia and Jimmy Choo's capsule collection has arrived', I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I even thought one of my fashionable friends may have been playing tricks on me.

Then I went to Net-A-Porter.....it's all true!! 
Since when are ugg's back?? Or when were they ever really in?? 
I admit I owned a pair when I was 9, but even then I refused to leave the house in them.

Leopard print, fringing and stud detail cover these 'new' designer ugg's, although I'm sure K-Mart did something similar at a fraction of the cost, these Ugg's will set you back a  whopping $806 Aussie dollars!! 
They are suede but that's an awful leather for an ugg, suede is not great to look after at the best of times!

Note to all: Just because you spend $800 on a pair of designer ugg boots does not make you any less feral than the people who get them at K-Mart, and if you want to look like Pammy Anderson strutting around Malibu in your ugg's, then that's fine but don't expect to be making any best dressed lists soon

Leopard Ugg's, they don't fool me!

This pair has sold out! Or is it Jimmy Choo who has sold out?

I will leave you with one thought- Ugg stand's for ugly not even Jimmy Choo and a few studs can take that away from them!


Bad styling...

I love shopping online, knowing I can purchase anything from anywhere in the world when I want it is amazing, whether it fit's is another question but I still love it!

That was until I wandered onto www.shopbop.com and noticed this picture of the Alice & Olivia 'stacey bell pant' in olive $254:

What is wrong with this picture, or should I say what isn't wrong!! 

Look how long the pant's are!! 

They do not even fit the model, you need to flatter the model to sell the clothes, if I was Alice & Olivia I would be very unimpressed about how these pant's have been photographed.

Add a heel, a nice wedge to give it a 70's look or get a taller model!!

I still love shopbop but this is online styling gone wrong.....shame...


Monday, October 18, 2010

Look Of The Week: Blake Livley

I have a confession to make.... I never really got into Gossip Girl, but I do have a slight girl crush on Blake Livley, I think she has amazing style and apparently it's all her own, one of the few Hollywood celebs without a stylist!

Some of my fave Blake looks:

Loving this blue on her, keeping it one colour makes her appear slimmer than she already is!
Image: style.com
A recent outing in a new Lanvin collection dress, to die for!! Love the colour, love the style, love it!!

Here is the look on the runway, but I think Blake pulls it off much better!

Here is Blake in Chanel, keeping it cute and young!
Image: style.com

Apparently Karl Lagerfeld has mentioned his love for Blake too, and can you blame him, his next muse perhaps?!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Look Of The Week

I'm not usually a Lauren Conrad fan but I have to say I was very taken by her appearance at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood bash on Friday night.

Strutting her stuff in an olive shirt and high waisted shorts she reminds me of an old movie star, oozing that old school charm with her hair swept to the side, it's smart casual but with her hair and make-up she has really amped up the look!

I Love xx

Va Va Voom!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Shopping for less!

Shopping does not have to be an expensive exercise, thanks to E-Bay and second-hand shops we can get a whole outfit for under $20!

I am in Darwin at the moment and was desperate for some new looks so decided to hit 'the Salvation Army' for some new dresses to suit the 37 degree heat!!

The best thing to do is really take your time, you can't walk in to a second-hand store full of treasures and expect to find something straight away, it takes patience and a good eye.

I spent about an hour and a half walking around trying on everything and this is what I came home with:

A striped mini, perfect for the weather conditions and a little nautical:$3.50

This Gucci-esque belt, stretch so one size fits all, woohoo! $2.50

All together with my blue wayfarers and clogs = Perfect summer outfit!

Don't be afraid of print and also if there is something you love but doesn't quite fit you can always take it to be altered and it will still probably be cheaper than buying something new! 

Another purchase:

A three tone burnt orange dress, with my Samantha Wills necklace: $4.00

The belt comes in handy again!

There was one purchase I made that is not really made for Darwin but I had to have it, a black vintage leather jacket with brown panels down the front, and even though I was sweating profusely I managed to  get a quick snap in it.

Only $15!

So all up I had a great day shopping and only spent $25,I will definitely be visiting a few more second hand shops whilst here in Darwin, especially because unlike in my home town of Melbourne not as many people are into it, that means more treasures for mwah!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bag Laideeee

God Bless Alexander McQueen,this amazing snakeskin clutch is selling on www.net-a-porter.com

My phone starts ringing........where is it???.....
In my bag....

Where am I?

Stuck in traffic!

Whilst watching the road I stick my hand in my bag, to search for my phone (& hands free of course!!), it’s got to be on the top, surely?

Rustle Rustle, something sharp, make-up bag, nope, notebook, nope, hairbrush, magazine, nope, perfume, gum, ah ha..... my phone... except now it’s gone to voice mail. 
Don't you hate that! 
As I throw my phone back in my bag I think maybe I should get a smaller bag? Or maybe a bag with more pockets.....

You can never have too many bags, (no matter what HE says) a bag to a woman is like sports to a man, excitement wise, (although they will never grasp that) one obvious difference is that bags are useful! They carry all of our precious personals and if need be........ our pampered pooches, they can complete or uplift an outfit.

When you’re out at night where does your boy and all your other male friends put their keys?? That's right in our bags, can sport do that?

The reason we need lots of bags is because, like people bags come in all shapes and sizes, you need a different ones for different occasions, a straw tote for summer lazing around the beach, a clutch for that special evening or to make an outfit a little more edgy, a sling for yummy mummies or serious shoppers to keep hands free for other things and last but not least every one needs a trusty neutral everyday bag that can take a good beating.

If you are in the market for a bag, no matter what the occasion, there are a few things you should be asking yourself before leaving the house, first have a look at what you already have and start from there. 
What do you need?? What size are you after? Big.... Small...??
What will its main purpose be? Work or PlayLeather or PVC
Is it an investment? 
PVC is cheaper but leather (if looked after correctly) will last you a lot longer & some come with a guarantee. (We likeee)

A good bag should be able to transform an outfit or mood. 

Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe swears by these rules when searching for a great bag:

  • Buy vintage, they have a lovely worn in feel and are unique.
  • Stay away from suede, it doesn't age well.
  • If buying an expensive bag, choose darker colors that will wear well.
  • Invest in a classic style, one that won’t go out of fashion.
This is a great every day bag by Alexander Wang and is currently on Net-A-Porter.

You don't need to spend your life savings to get a great bag. Yes, we would all love a Hermes Birkin but with retail prices starting from the $15,000 mark, per bag it’s not really, realistic, unless you want to live in it! 
I saw an Orange Croc skin Birkin on EBay for $49,999, amazing, but you can get a stylish new car for that price!!

You can get great PVC & leather bags from chain stores for a good price or try second hand stores and markets, believe it or not, people do throw good bags out-from PVC to designer leather. Gasp, the thought of throwing anything out makes me cringe.

Practicality is another thing to keep in mind when buying a bag, are you like me and carry around you life in your bag? Sick of hunting for phones or lip-gloss? 
If so look for a bag with lots of pockets or different sections. If you’re the one of a kind type that only carries around your staple items, then go for a smaller bag with a zip.

Bags will continue to play a major part in every woman's & some men's, wardrobes. How else could we carry our lives around? 
In our pockets like our sport loving men?? I think not.(If you are a sport loving, bag carrying man, disregard that comment)

Ring Ring....Now where did I put my phone? 

Valentino Pete Hobo, HOT! Buy from www.shopbop.com

Monday, August 30, 2010

Store Speak- Mixed Lollies

I'm currently road tripping around Australia and what Im missing most about Melbourne (apart from my family of course) is the shopping!
So I decided to go on the hunt for a fashion forward store,we are in Alice Springs at the moment and wandering around I notice there are a lot of stores for older women here, I was about to give up when I spotted a touch of leopard print out of the corner of my eye and it led me into the most amazing boutique in Alice Springs, Mixed Lollies.

The store 'Mixed Lollies' has a great vibe as soon as you walk in there are trinkets,shoes, jewels including 'House Of Harlow' and designer gear galore, all with it's own edge.

Below I asked the owner Anastasia a few questions about 'Mixed Lollies' and what it's like to own a stylish boutique in the centre of Australia. 
Tell us a bit about your fab store Mixed Lollies.
I opened Mixed Lollies in May '05 ,together with my hubby and my brother. 
Matt and I had recently moved back to Alice (My home town) from Sydney and I thought , how am I going to survive here with no fashion?! No Bettina's, no Hussy ,no One Teaspoon ... not even Havaianas! 
I just knew it was an awesome opportunity , Alice didn't know it yet,but they were about to get a taste of affordable designer fashion right at there door step.
I started out with labels like One Teaspoon,Milk and Honey,Seduce,Ladahk and Tony Bianco.
Alice girls loved it,and now I'm able to stock amazing Australian designers like  Manning Cartell,Wayne Cooper,shakhuachi,bec and bridge,Hussy,Nookie,Maurie and Eve,Lucette and Peeptoe shoes 

What are the store hours of Mixed Lollies?

We open from 9am - 5:30 / 6 pm  Mon - Fri  and 9am -3pm sat

What's your background, did you work in fashion before you opened the store?
In Sydney I managed Morgan de toi, French connection and  I also worked at Lisa Ho,
I learnt alot about running a store,staff and merchandising.

Love this ring!

What planning was involved before you opened the store?
Basically finding a good location,doing a business plan for the bank to get mulah!
Then there were alot of phone calls to get the right labels that I wanted,which sounds easy but certain labels won't let you stock them unless you stock other certain labels,so its alot of juggling,spinning and sweet talking!

Can you explain the buying process for Mixed Lollies.
I usually fly to Sydney 3 times a year for buying,especially the major seasons, like 1st Summer and 1st Winter. I always go to Fashion week every year to see the shows and rub shoulders with the models!
Sometimes it's hard to get away though, with kids etc.,so I do get lookbooks via email as-well.

What advice would you give someone who wants to open their own boutique?
Hey,if you love it and put every bit of energy and passion into it you can't go wrong ,it's not easy and there are alot of headaches but,corny as it sounds ,I live and breath it.

What's the most popular label you have in store?

For fast fashion it's Minkpink and Motel,for the edgy girl it's One Teaspoon and for your designer chick it's Maurie and Eve

What's your personal favourite label?

Would have to be a few ... Manning Cartell,shakuhachi and Maurie and Eve

Lovely ceramics that add character to the stylish boutique!

What inspires you?

Ever since I was little I loved stuff,clothes,jewellery,ceramic vases and animals,brass horses and anything grandma-ish.
I remember always changing my dressing table displays around - I didn't realise it then but I was merchandising already!
I love that I can play around with all the stuff in Mixed lollies to create a different theme and style every week!

And I love that people love it too.

No shortage of huge rings here!!

What is going to be big this summer?

Aztec print,snake print,fringing,think arizona cow girl,also the jumpsuit is everywhere,more disco and sleek draped dresses ,nude and pastel colours, printed pants and I have bought some gorgeous printed kimono's alla' Nicole Richie.
And I never stray too far from my favourite .. leopard print as anyone will see in Mixed lollies!

There are a heap of creative cards that Mixed Lollies staff member/artist- Lucy Ella Hope creates.

What are your 5 fashion must have items that every woman should own?
Easy ...
A black pencil skirt
An awesome pair of jeans
A denim jacket
A black silk Cami ( a fail-safe of mine )
Tan heels,in a classic peeptoe
Then you can add the cool stuff like snake skirts,leopard print pants and leather jackets!

Loving the bling!

So if your in Alice Springs and need to add to your wardrobe, head into mixed lollies, you wont be disappointed!

Mixed Lollies
Shop 3/11 cinema complex
Todd Mall
Alice Springs
(08) 89 53 60 60

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shady Lady

We can hide behind them on our off days, or put them on to complete an outfit, they can make us feel invisible and at the same time make us feel as though we are strolling down Hollywood Blvd. If you haven't guessed I am talking about big sunnies, the bigger the better. 
No, they’re not everybody’s cup of tea and I am often being taunted by my elders (god bless them) for being reminiscent of Louis the fly (even though they have all been snapped wearing them in the 60's and 70's!!!!).
But no matter how much taunting is involved I could never give them up,once you’re hooked there's no going back.
I feel naked when I put on a regular size, rectangular pair of glasses, they don't give half as much coverage & they don’t look as effortlessly chic (in my opinion).

The great thing about sunglasses as a fashion accessory is they do, believe it or not, serve a purpose (who would’ve thought!). 
Just like jewellery’s purpose is to uplift an outfit or finish off an outfit, sunglasses serve to protect our precious eyes from the sun (hence the name), they stop us from squinting, which we all know is not an attractive look.

I lost my big glasses virginity in...Where else??.... Los Angeles.  
Strolling around Anaheim after a day of excitement at Disneyland was all proving to be too much, my boy and I had major headaches, which we put down to squinting, it was then we decided it was time to dip into our rapidly depleting funds and invest in a pair of sunglasses. We popped into the nearest milk bar or "convenience store" and there they were, the perfect pair of red square shaped "bug" glasses, at a very convenient $7! 
My boy also got a pair of thick black prada-esqu shades for $8. It was money well spent and we felt like movie stars trekking across the states in our super cheap, super cute, purpose serving sunnies

That was a few years ago now and I haven’t looked back since, I have although added to my big rimmed collection but still religiously wear my trusty red $7 shades. Even if they do like they are going to fall apart any second!

Stars who love the big glasses include Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and the uber obsessed Nicole Ritchie, who is never seen without her oversized Marc Jacobs or vintage shades and has stated “I never leave the house without my sunnies" and why would she? She looks fab in what has now become a part of her signature look, add a few kilos and she'd be even hotter!

Great oversized sunnies aren’t too hard to come by, you can search vintage stores or markets for a pre-loved pair straight from the 70's (if I don’t get to them first), you will also notice most chain-stores have jumped on the big spec band-wagon, check out Sportsgirl or H&M for a funky pair at a great price. If you want something more exclusive & expensive check out the designer labels such as Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker and YSL there is sure to be a pair to suit you and seeing as it's 2006 how could I not mention the internet, try www.ebay.com and there is also a great website www.shadykids.com which happens to be the largest online resource for top notch vintage sunnies, they have designer shades, and great no-name vintage specs!!

How do you tell if they suit you, you may ask?  

If you have a:
Round Face- Choose squared or angled frames to play down the roundness of the face. Go for deep colors and avoid small frames!
Oval face- Horizontal Frames minimize the length of the face, rectangular with round edges such as the Jackie O style will help maintain a natural balance
Square face- Steer clear of glasses that match your face shape; go for pairs that are slightly curved to soften the face. Round and oval frames also tend to flatter a round face.
Heart face- Avoid extremely wide frames and bold colors, rimless styles are best suited to a heart shaped face.
So happy spending, and whether it’s on a pair of Jackie O's or just the regular shaped Calvin Klein’s remember ultimately they're serving a purpose in protecting our eyes from the sun. (Whilst making us look super flashy at the same time!)

T xx