Monday, August 30, 2010

Store Speak- Mixed Lollies

I'm currently road tripping around Australia and what Im missing most about Melbourne (apart from my family of course) is the shopping!
So I decided to go on the hunt for a fashion forward store,we are in Alice Springs at the moment and wandering around I notice there are a lot of stores for older women here, I was about to give up when I spotted a touch of leopard print out of the corner of my eye and it led me into the most amazing boutique in Alice Springs, Mixed Lollies.

The store 'Mixed Lollies' has a great vibe as soon as you walk in there are trinkets,shoes, jewels including 'House Of Harlow' and designer gear galore, all with it's own edge.

Below I asked the owner Anastasia a few questions about 'Mixed Lollies' and what it's like to own a stylish boutique in the centre of Australia. 
Tell us a bit about your fab store Mixed Lollies.
I opened Mixed Lollies in May '05 ,together with my hubby and my brother. 
Matt and I had recently moved back to Alice (My home town) from Sydney and I thought , how am I going to survive here with no fashion?! No Bettina's, no Hussy ,no One Teaspoon ... not even Havaianas! 
I just knew it was an awesome opportunity , Alice didn't know it yet,but they were about to get a taste of affordable designer fashion right at there door step.
I started out with labels like One Teaspoon,Milk and Honey,Seduce,Ladahk and Tony Bianco.
Alice girls loved it,and now I'm able to stock amazing Australian designers like  Manning Cartell,Wayne Cooper,shakhuachi,bec and bridge,Hussy,Nookie,Maurie and Eve,Lucette and Peeptoe shoes 

What are the store hours of Mixed Lollies?

We open from 9am - 5:30 / 6 pm  Mon - Fri  and 9am -3pm sat

What's your background, did you work in fashion before you opened the store?
In Sydney I managed Morgan de toi, French connection and  I also worked at Lisa Ho,
I learnt alot about running a store,staff and merchandising.

Love this ring!

What planning was involved before you opened the store?
Basically finding a good location,doing a business plan for the bank to get mulah!
Then there were alot of phone calls to get the right labels that I wanted,which sounds easy but certain labels won't let you stock them unless you stock other certain labels,so its alot of juggling,spinning and sweet talking!

Can you explain the buying process for Mixed Lollies.
I usually fly to Sydney 3 times a year for buying,especially the major seasons, like 1st Summer and 1st Winter. I always go to Fashion week every year to see the shows and rub shoulders with the models!
Sometimes it's hard to get away though, with kids etc.,so I do get lookbooks via email as-well.

What advice would you give someone who wants to open their own boutique?
Hey,if you love it and put every bit of energy and passion into it you can't go wrong ,it's not easy and there are alot of headaches but,corny as it sounds ,I live and breath it.

What's the most popular label you have in store?

For fast fashion it's Minkpink and Motel,for the edgy girl it's One Teaspoon and for your designer chick it's Maurie and Eve

What's your personal favourite label?

Would have to be a few ... Manning Cartell,shakuhachi and Maurie and Eve

Lovely ceramics that add character to the stylish boutique!

What inspires you?

Ever since I was little I loved stuff,clothes,jewellery,ceramic vases and animals,brass horses and anything grandma-ish.
I remember always changing my dressing table displays around - I didn't realise it then but I was merchandising already!
I love that I can play around with all the stuff in Mixed lollies to create a different theme and style every week!

And I love that people love it too.

No shortage of huge rings here!!

What is going to be big this summer?

Aztec print,snake print,fringing,think arizona cow girl,also the jumpsuit is everywhere,more disco and sleek draped dresses ,nude and pastel colours, printed pants and I have bought some gorgeous printed kimono's alla' Nicole Richie.
And I never stray too far from my favourite .. leopard print as anyone will see in Mixed lollies!

There are a heap of creative cards that Mixed Lollies staff member/artist- Lucy Ella Hope creates.

What are your 5 fashion must have items that every woman should own?
Easy ...
A black pencil skirt
An awesome pair of jeans
A denim jacket
A black silk Cami ( a fail-safe of mine )
Tan heels,in a classic peeptoe
Then you can add the cool stuff like snake skirts,leopard print pants and leather jackets!

Loving the bling!

So if your in Alice Springs and need to add to your wardrobe, head into mixed lollies, you wont be disappointed!

Mixed Lollies
Shop 3/11 cinema complex
Todd Mall
Alice Springs
(08) 89 53 60 60

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  1. I would like to have a shop like that near my house !