Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bag Laideeee

God Bless Alexander McQueen,this amazing snakeskin clutch is selling on

My phone starts ringing........where is it???.....
In my bag....

Where am I?

Stuck in traffic!

Whilst watching the road I stick my hand in my bag, to search for my phone (& hands free of course!!), it’s got to be on the top, surely?

Rustle Rustle, something sharp, make-up bag, nope, notebook, nope, hairbrush, magazine, nope, perfume, gum, ah ha..... my phone... except now it’s gone to voice mail. 
Don't you hate that! 
As I throw my phone back in my bag I think maybe I should get a smaller bag? Or maybe a bag with more pockets.....

You can never have too many bags, (no matter what HE says) a bag to a woman is like sports to a man, excitement wise, (although they will never grasp that) one obvious difference is that bags are useful! They carry all of our precious personals and if need be........ our pampered pooches, they can complete or uplift an outfit.

When you’re out at night where does your boy and all your other male friends put their keys?? That's right in our bags, can sport do that?

The reason we need lots of bags is because, like people bags come in all shapes and sizes, you need a different ones for different occasions, a straw tote for summer lazing around the beach, a clutch for that special evening or to make an outfit a little more edgy, a sling for yummy mummies or serious shoppers to keep hands free for other things and last but not least every one needs a trusty neutral everyday bag that can take a good beating.

If you are in the market for a bag, no matter what the occasion, there are a few things you should be asking yourself before leaving the house, first have a look at what you already have and start from there. 
What do you need?? What size are you after? Big.... Small...??
What will its main purpose be? Work or PlayLeather or PVC
Is it an investment? 
PVC is cheaper but leather (if looked after correctly) will last you a lot longer & some come with a guarantee. (We likeee)

A good bag should be able to transform an outfit or mood. 

Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe swears by these rules when searching for a great bag:

  • Buy vintage, they have a lovely worn in feel and are unique.
  • Stay away from suede, it doesn't age well.
  • If buying an expensive bag, choose darker colors that will wear well.
  • Invest in a classic style, one that won’t go out of fashion.
This is a great every day bag by Alexander Wang and is currently on Net-A-Porter.

You don't need to spend your life savings to get a great bag. Yes, we would all love a Hermes Birkin but with retail prices starting from the $15,000 mark, per bag it’s not really, realistic, unless you want to live in it! 
I saw an Orange Croc skin Birkin on EBay for $49,999, amazing, but you can get a stylish new car for that price!!

You can get great PVC & leather bags from chain stores for a good price or try second hand stores and markets, believe it or not, people do throw good bags out-from PVC to designer leather. Gasp, the thought of throwing anything out makes me cringe.

Practicality is another thing to keep in mind when buying a bag, are you like me and carry around you life in your bag? Sick of hunting for phones or lip-gloss? 
If so look for a bag with lots of pockets or different sections. If you’re the one of a kind type that only carries around your staple items, then go for a smaller bag with a zip.

Bags will continue to play a major part in every woman's & some men's, wardrobes. How else could we carry our lives around? 
In our pockets like our sport loving men?? I think not.(If you are a sport loving, bag carrying man, disregard that comment)

Ring Ring....Now where did I put my phone? 

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