Monday, September 27, 2010

Shopping for less!

Shopping does not have to be an expensive exercise, thanks to E-Bay and second-hand shops we can get a whole outfit for under $20!

I am in Darwin at the moment and was desperate for some new looks so decided to hit 'the Salvation Army' for some new dresses to suit the 37 degree heat!!

The best thing to do is really take your time, you can't walk in to a second-hand store full of treasures and expect to find something straight away, it takes patience and a good eye.

I spent about an hour and a half walking around trying on everything and this is what I came home with:

A striped mini, perfect for the weather conditions and a little nautical:$3.50

This Gucci-esque belt, stretch so one size fits all, woohoo! $2.50

All together with my blue wayfarers and clogs = Perfect summer outfit!

Don't be afraid of print and also if there is something you love but doesn't quite fit you can always take it to be altered and it will still probably be cheaper than buying something new! 

Another purchase:

A three tone burnt orange dress, with my Samantha Wills necklace: $4.00

The belt comes in handy again!

There was one purchase I made that is not really made for Darwin but I had to have it, a black vintage leather jacket with brown panels down the front, and even though I was sweating profusely I managed to  get a quick snap in it.

Only $15!

So all up I had a great day shopping and only spent $25,I will definitely be visiting a few more second hand shops whilst here in Darwin, especially because unlike in my home town of Melbourne not as many people are into it, that means more treasures for mwah!


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